warehouse350Rotomolding, Inc. not only provides fabrication services, tool making, assembly, packaging and shipping.

Rotomolding services are economical for short production runs, prototypes as well as high volume production. Our design flexibility ranges from small, intricate designs to large, complex parts.

  • Large Scale Molded Parts
  • Air Tight Pressure and Leak Testing
  • Custom Rotational Molded Parts
  • Close Tolerance Molding
  • Complete Assembly Services

weld-shop-350Unique Features of Rotomolding, Inc. Services

  • GS1 Approved
  • Low tooling costs
  • Short lead time
  • Virtually stress-free parts
  • Uniform wall thickness with no thinning in extremities
  • Ability to produce multi-wall parts
  • Molded-in graphics
  • Molded-in inserts & hardware
  • Ability to easily change part thickness
  • Undercuts possible
  • Wide selection of surface textures and colors
  • Quick tooling modifications

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