Quality Standards

RMI RQualityRMIotomolding (“the Company”) Implements the Highest Standards in Rotomolding

RMI Rotomolding is committed to the very highest standards and quality. The Company’s standards are based on the same underlying integrated systems approach normally accepted, as ISO standards, even though we are not yet “ISO certified;” however, we are working toward exceeding standards normally considered “the ultimate.” In fact, our ultimate goal is to establish new standards. RMI’s Management has 80 years of combined experience in rotational molding, and is dedicated in establishing standards unmatched in the industry.

The Management has recently implemented quality control policies, which will be a part of the Company’s manual for operational standard, and procedures,

RMI’s standard’s establishes a quality-based systems approach that will ensure that the Company’s processes and practices are consistent, and predictable; these standards are controlled and evaluated through a series of systems set in place to carefully check each step along the way to handled production of products. RMI Rotomolding ensures consistency in its products and tooling development.

All products are guaranteed to meet the customer’s acceptance, including prototyping, producing products, assembling some products, packaging, and on-time delivery. The Company also provides post-production support.

RMI Rotomolding’s Product Quality Policy

The Company will assure its customers that nothing is overlooked. The success of our customers  is important to us, which is why our commitment to quality incorporates the “highest degree of standards” including: Process Quality Planning; Pre-production Approval; Process Auditing Products and Verifying Product Quality; Planning Statistical Processing Control for Continuous Improvement; Plans for Testing all Raw Material and Products; Verification for all manufactured products and services, including, but not limited to molding, assembly, leak testing, and packaging.

In-House Testing

To achieve the highest quality, the Company engages professionals to analyze the raw materials used to determine how the material will perform in the mold before it is released for production. We also determine how particle size distribution, and how the products are produced that may impact performance.

We take pride in our process documentation, product specification sheets and work instructions, which are utilized for repeatability to achieve the expected quality requirements. Our Corrective Action procedures are being developed and analyzed on a continuous basis to enhance customer satisfaction.